10 Reasons to Consider Switching Careers in Your Thirties


Are you feeling the mid-life career itch? That’s totally normal! The truth is that many millennials are deciding to switch their careers in their thirties. Whether it’s to pursue a passion or make more money, there are lots of good reasons to consider making a change.

Whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer or a professional building inspector in Hawthorn, keep reading for 10 compelling reasons you might want to make a mid-life career switch.

You’re stuck in arut

You may feel like work has become routine and dull, and you can’t seem to shake the feeling of being stuck in a rut. Making a career change could be just the thing to break out of this cycle and help get your professional lifeback on track.

You want to make more money

We all want money for different things – whether it’s paying off debt, taking that dream vacation, or buying your first house.There are times when we all need extra cash, and switching careers could be just the way to get it.

You’re ready for achallenge

Feel like you’ve mastered everything in your current job? Switching careers could give you an opportunity to take on new challenges and push yourself further than ever before.

You want to pursue your passion

If you have always dreamed of doing something else with your career but haven’t felt ready until now, then now may be the perfect time to go for it! Pursuing a passion can bring about immense satisfaction and fulfillment that comes from doing something meaningful with your life.

You want to expand your skillset

As technology advances at an ever-increasing rate, having a diverse skillset is becoming increasingly important in today’s workplace. Making a mid-life career change gives you an opportunity to learn new skills that will help keep up with the changing world around you.

You want to learn something new

If you’ve been doing the same job for years and feel like it’s time for something new, then switching careers is one way to do that. Learning something new can expand your mind and open up creative possibilities in ways you never thought possible before.

Your current job is too stressful

One reason why many people decide to switch careers is because they simply cannot handle the stress of their current job anymore – and that’s perfectly fine! Finding something more manageable can have great mental health benefits as well as provide more balance in your life overall.

You need achange ofscenery

Sometimes all we need is a change of scenery – whether it’s moving cities or countries – to find ourselves again or simply gain some much needed perspective on our lives as whole. Changing jobs offers this opportunity by allowing us to explore different places while still enjoying our chosen profession.

You feel unappreciated

Feeling unappreciated or undervalued at work can be incredibly demoralising, so if this is how you often feel, then perhaps it’s time for something new. Looking into other positions or companies where recognition is given more freely could be just what you need.

Your current job is no longer relevant

The world changes quickly, and sometimes our jobs become obsolete before we even know it! If this happens, don’t worry -look into other fields where your talents could still be used effectively.

Deciding whether or not to switch careers in your thirties can be daunting but rewarding all at once!

There are lots of great reasons why making a mid-life career switch might just be exactly what you need right now – from making more money to pursuing passions, learning new skillsets, gaining experience abroad – the list goes on! Think carefully about what matters most right now and make sure that whatever decision you make aligns with those goals above all else. Good luck!

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