Here Are the Best Types of Real Estate to Buy in Cote d’Azur


Property in real estate is an asset class, which plays an important role in investment portfolios and serves as a source of income. Investor allocation to private and public real estate has significantly increased for the past 20 years.

Best Types of Real Estate

And because of the unique traits of real estate properties, real estate investment in Cote d’Azur behaves differently when compared to other asset classes, like commodities, bonds, and stocks.

As market conditions also become more volatile, real estate ventures serve as illiquid alternatives to other investment portfolios. Now is a perfect time to know which kind of real estate to invest in. To help you make your decision easier.

The following are the most common and best types of real estate to invest in this year:

1. Vacation Rentals

Look for desirable locations and invest in short-term rental solutions, such as vacation homes. Vacation rentals can be multi-family or single-family homes hosting a short-term tenant in big cities and beaches.

Sourcing your investment strategically is important if you are looking to make a profit and, at the same time, expand into gateway markets. After you secure rental units, apps such as Airbnb can make attracting potential tenants to your properties easier.

2. A House

Most people don’t think a house is an investment, but it is. In fact, it is among the effective ways of investing in real estate as it provides enormous benefits.

One of the benefits is that it builds equity from monthly payments instead of paying rent every month, which increases yearly.

You can also consider house buying in Cote d’Azur and its surroundings because it is a solid rental investment. Not to mention, some banks treat homeowners favorably, giving them loans with a mortgage rate.

3. REITs

REITs (real estate investment trusts) own and operate income-generating real estates, like apartments, retail centers, and office buildings.

REITs provide investors numerous benefits, including the potential for strong capital appreciation and high dividends. Like stocks in the stock market, REITs are easier to invest in because you can buy and sell them anytime.

Moreover, REITs are tax-effective ways to invest and can help diversify your investment portfolio. And according to some investors, they are less volatile when compared to other investments, offering high dividend yields.

4. Crowdfunding Platforms

These platforms give real estate investors access to a few assets which offer more profit and are traditionally set aside for the rich.

Although this makes it easy for investors to find properties they want, this kind of investment also comes with great risk. Normally, crowdfunding platforms are limited to many accredited investors or people with more net worth.


Whether you want to consider real estate investment through rental properties, foreclosed assets, or trust, you need tools that can help you.

But before you invest in real estate properties in Cote d’Azur, it will be best to look at the market’s landscape in terms of sales volume, rental rates, and property prices. Researching several real estate markets will also come in handy in ensuring you invest wisely.

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