The Beni Ourain Rug Is The Ultimate Natural Rug For Your Home


The Beni Ourain Rug

Whether you’re looking for an elegant place to sit down or a cozy blanket on the floor, choosing the right rug is integral to your home decor. With over 3000 years of history and thousands of designs, a true Moroccan rug is a handmade masterpiece with love and care. Moroccans are passionate about their rugs, from their intricate patterns and rich colors to their luxurious design and unparalleled quality. Here’s everything you need to know about buying a Moroccan rug.

History of The Moroccan Berber Rug

These elaborate rugs were originally used in everyday use when the nomadic tribes lived in tents and traveled through the desert in search of water and pasture for their sheep. Many considered these rugs sacred, and only men could buy them as they were too expensive for women to own. They would be woven using wool from sheep that had died naturally, so each rug was unique as it took several months to dye one.

Beni Ourain Rug

As the rug was passed down from generation to generation in the family, it became more intricate, with each new owner adding their personal touch to the weaving process. A large square knot would start at the lower-left corner and then weave back and forth through the entire rug creating an intricate pattern. In some cases, these pieces can get up to 100 yards long and take two weeks to tie together.

Uses of Beni Ourain Rug

1. Bedroom

A simple white or tan color is perfect; anything brighter will make a room look bigger. Try making the bed the focal point in this space:

    • Put the biggest piece in the center of the bed, with smaller ones surrounding it. If it’s not practical to purchase an all-in-one size for the bed, try keeping the center larger than the rest, so the feet don’t feel lost in the crowd.
    • Keep everything else neutral, like the walls, floors, dressers, mirrors, tables, chairs, lamps, etc.
    • Add accents such as pillows and throws here and there to give the space personality and style.
    • Add storage baskets under the beds, shelves above the headboard, and shoe bins next to the bed.

2. Living Room

Keep things soft and calm with neutrals, especially if the room faces a busy street or has little natural light. Use a cream sofa cover or throw pillow to soften the edges of the furniture and brighten the space a bit. This gives the room a welcoming feeling, while the dark shades act as insulation against noise outside. You can even keep curtains closed if you want to avoid direct sunlight. Instead of placing a coffee table near the couch, stack a bookshelf under the TV stands or choose something with legs like a side table or ottoman. Have fun mixing patterns and textures; a plaid throw and accent chair might work really well in this living room.

3. Dining Room

This type of space usually has high ceilings but isn’t as big as the living area. Make sure you add height to the dining chairs and table by choosing something like a ladder-back or straight-backed chair instead of those that are low-slung or boxy. Place tall candles around the table and top the dishes with flatware wrapped in pretty paper napkins. An elegant white linen tablecloth paired with clean, crisp linens makes this setting come alive. Consider having a chalkboard menu board on the wall for guests to write out orders. Place small decorative plants throughout the room as cozies to keep the conversation flowing.

Benefits of Moroccan Berber rugs/Beni Ourain rugs

Softness – No matter how strong and durable Beni Ourain carpets may seem, they are still made of yarns spun much finer and softer than any carpet ever produced before. This means it takes less force to pull on these rugs, which adds to their overall comfort level. The thicker the pile, the harder it is to pull on. This also translates into longevity since it will last longer without being damaged easily. Most people do not notice the difference between a quality handmade Oriental or Turkish rug and a cheap synthetic imitation. It does not take long to realize why rugs made from wool are so comfortable. Wool has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-allergic properties. These properties promote healthy living by helping eliminate bad bacteria and harmful allergens within the home. Some animal studies have shown that some wools can protect the lungs against asthma attacks.

Protection – When it comes to keeping your floors safe from damage caused by household accidents, you should never underestimate the power of a good-quality rug. A properly designed and installed floor covering can minimize water damage and dangerous hazards. Rugs absorb spills and stains. They also help prevent children and pets from slipping on slick surfaces because their large surface provides traction. When cleaning up spilled liquids, you will find fewer drops of liquid spread over a larger area on an expensive rug.

Cleaning – Rugs collect dust and other pollutants. As these particles build up over months and years, they become unsightly and hard to remove. Carpet cleaners can often leave behind dirty residue. Hand washing is always recommended after removing dirt and grime. Soap scum can be set deep into the fibers making them extremely difficult to get out. A spot cleaner can remove most soil types; however, it won’t penetrate very deeply into the fiber. Some chemicals are also used to clean carpets that can cause permanent damage if not removed immediately. In general, using bleach only once every three months’ tops off your requirements. Visit City Cows website for more information

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