The Best Hampton TV Units in Australia


One of the most preferred trends in interiors nowadays is called the Hamptons style which is a memorial for the elegant behavior and the relaxed shanty-cottage atmosphere of the coast. It is a type of interior design with an emphasis on light hues, organic materials, and clean lines; therefore, the contemporary Scandinavian style creates a calm and elegant ambiance in any living area. For people who would wish to adopt this style in their home a good place to start is through a Hampton TV unit. Below is the list of the Hampton TV units present in Australia with focus on practicality together with conventional sophistication.

Features of Hampton TV Units

Hampton TV units, thus, are developed and produced in a way that would complement the easygoing coastal ambiance of the Hamptons theme.

– Light Color Palette:Whites, soft greys, and light blues dominate, creating a fresh and airy feel.

– Natural Materials:Wood, particularly with a distressed or whitewashed finish, is commonly used to add warmth and character.

– Classic Design Elements:Shaker-style doors, turned legs, and paneled detailing are hallmarks of Hampton furniture.

– Functional Storage: Ample storage space with a mix of open shelves and closed cabinets to keep entertainment essentials organized.

Top Hampton TV Units in Australia

Here are some of the best Hampton TV units available in Australia, known for their quality, style, and functionality:

1. Mocka Hamptons Entertainment Unit

  – Description: This unit comes with an elegant white body, has paneled doors, and features silver knobs or handles. This design has open shelves for media items and enclosed units for hidden storage options.

– Dimensions: Wide: 150cm; Height: 50cm; Depth: 45cm

   – Highlights: Affordable and stylish, perfect for medium to large living rooms.

2. Temple & Webster Newport Hamptons TV Unit

   – Description: Combining a classic white frame with natural wood accents, this unit embodies the Hampton style. It comprises two primary shelves and accent cabinets/drawers with shutter-like doors.

– Dimensions: 180 cm (W) x 60 cm (H) x 40 cmD)

– Highlights: A sizeable and grand, suitable for wider open spaces, and can provide ample and deep storage.

3. Hamptons Style Bowral TV Unit

   – Description: Featuring a more rustic take on the Hampton style, this unit comes in a distressed white finish with black metal hardware. It features four drawers and two inset shelves within the drawer spaces.

– Dimensions: The size of the system is: wide = 160cm, height = 55 cm and depth = 45 cm.

– Highlights: Immersive aesthetics for the walls that also offer practical use as shelves to store various items.

4. Adairs Hamptons TV Unit

– Description: This unit boasts a refined design with a white painted finish and contrasting dark wood top. That is, it comprises two major drawers and has shelves that are openly designed.

– Dimensions: Wide: 140cm Depth: 40cm Height: 50cm

   – Highlights: Compact yet stylish, suitable for smaller spaces without compromising on storage.

5. Coco Republic Hamptons TV Cabinet

   – Description: A premium choice, this unit features high-quality craftsmanship with a white finish and intricate detailing. It has a blend of fitted glass door units and open shelves.

– Dimensions: Wide: 200cm Height: 70cm Depth: 45cm

   – Highlights: Luxury design and ample storage, perfect for upscale living rooms.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hampton TV Unit

  1. Consider Your Space:Measure your living room to ensure the TV unit fits comfortably. Consider both the width and depth to maintain a balanced look.
  2. Storage Needs:Assess how much storage you need for media devices, DVDs, and other items. Opt for units with a good mix of open and closed storage.
  3. Complement Your Decor:Choose a unit that complements your existing furniture and color scheme. The light, neutral palette of Hampton TV units makes them versatile for various decors.
  4. Quality and Durability:Look for units made from high-quality materials like solid wood to ensure longevity. Check reviews and ratings for insights into durability and customer satisfaction.
  5. Ease of Assembly:Consider whether the unit requires assembly and, if so, the complexity of the process. Some retailers offer assembly services which can be a helpful option.


A Hampton TV unit is refreshing and functional for every Australian house, embracing the beauty of coastal motifs as well as offering a place to store all necessary things. Today you can get different types of models with different features to choose the one that is perfect for your home and meets the general style. By selecting a dense and beautifully designed fabric, you will obtain practical and beautiful furniture for your living room, as well as improve its organization.

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