4 Small Paint Projects That Will Give Your Home A Facelift



Give Your HomeIt’s easy to become comfortable with what you see after living in your home for some time. It’s easy to overlook blemishes or unseemly errors after a while. You may not be aware that your floors are wearing down. However, you’re so used and comfortable with their appearance that you don’t even notice.You might only notice the flaws when you have someone important visiting or when you remodel a part of your home.

This happens to everyone, but don’t panic! There are simple fixes that will make your home look amazing. Look around your house to see if there are any paint problems that can be easily fixed.

1. Doors

Every day you walk by your front door, but do any of you notice what it looks like? Is the paint getting softer or darker over time? Is paint chipping? Is it an old color? Renovating your front door can instantly give your home a boost in curb appeal and freshness.

Now, look at your interior doors. Do they look smudged or damaged? Are they chipped? Follow our handy guide to repaint your interior doors in 7 steps.

2. Trim

How does your interior trim look? It’s possible that your interior trim has been neglected for a while. This can make it look grubby, which is something that can’t be removed with a Magic Eraser. Repainting interior trim can transform your home.

3. Hallway

Take a look at the hallway walls if you have children. It made you cringe. Children seem to believe that walls can be cleaned easily and should be maintained regularly. There’s no way to get rid of the fingerprints and grime, just like the trim. It’s time to repaint after a while. It can be difficult to match your wall’s exact color due to fading. Touching up is not the best way to go. The best thing to do is to paint the entire hallway.

4. Bathroom

Your bathroom may need to be painted before the rest of your home. Why? The bathroom is usually smaller than the rest of your house so it can be painted in a matter of hours.

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