How To Care For Your Tree’s Roots



Tree’s RootsTrees can be divided into leaves, roots, trunk and trunk. Each part of a tree works together to keep it alive, much like parts of the human body. To survive, trees need to have food. This is made by the tree using sunlight, carbon dioxide and water. A tree will be strong and beautiful if it has the right environment to grow, such as good soil for its roots.

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The roots of a tree hold it in its place. Tree roots absorb essential nutrients and water from soil to ensure that they survive. Tree roots are usually very shallow and can only reach six to twelve inches below the ground. However, they extend well beyond the tree’s canopy. Trees would easily blow over if they didn’t have roots.


Mulch Investments

Mulch is an organic material that is used around trees to protect their roots and provide extra nutrients and moisture. Mulch can be laid in spring to encourage growth, and winter mulch will provide protection against the cold.

Water Your Tree

It doesn’t matter how old your tree may be, you should water it every day, especially during droughts. Water is essential for tree health and growth.

Let Roots Breathe

To survive, roots need oxygen. To allow oxygen to reach the roots of your tree’s trees, it is important to allow the soil to dry under your tree. Arborwise Tree Service in Pinellas County recommends that you not water your tree every day. Avoid compacting soil or mulch too tightly around the tree’s base. Inadvertently, you could end up suffocating roots near the ground’s surface.

Avoid cutting the roots of a tree

You can leave a tree’s root system open to bacteria, viruses, insects and other harmful agents when you trim it. The tree may not grow for several years after you have cut it. It can cause death if it is cut from its roots.

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