How to Keep Birds from Invading Your Carport


Carports are a functional space that protects your vehicle from rain, excessive exposure to sunlight, and debris from trees. Unfortunately, they are also often seen as a viable shelter by birds. They are drawn to the shade and areas beneath the rafters where they can build nests. This may not seem much of a problem until you notice frequent occurrences of bird droppings on your car and the surrounding area. There can also be fall-offs from the nests that leave debris dirtying up the space. Here are a few ways to discourage birds from making your carport their home.

Keep Birds from Invading Your Carport


Birds are liable to keep off your carport if they think the space is already occupied. Making it possible for them to see their reflection can give them the impression other birds already live there. You can use mirrors, but it is likely safer and easier to use foil tape. Where possible, place it at an angle that reflects sunlight underneath the carport.

Scare Them Off

Another tactic similar to using a reflection but a different way to scare off birds from your carport would be utilizing a sculpture or toy animal. Doing this lets other birds think another animal already resides there. Owls and snake images are a good option as birds fear these animals. However, you will need to move them around from time to time, so the birds do not figure out that it is an inanimate object.

Oil Your Rafters

Birds like to build their nests underneath the roof of carports. If you spray the vertical surfaces with non-stick cooking oil, it will make the surface slippery and the birds unable to stably build their nests there. The birds will become frustrated and find another place to build.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are used on different structures to discourage birds from landing and perching on surfaces. They are not dangerous and will not harm the birds but will force them to find somewhere else to hang out. You can strategically install bird spikes on your carport to let the birds know this is not a place they should land. They are an excellent long-term solution that requires hardly any maintenance.

Bird Netting

If you still have some reservations about using bird spikes, bird netting can be a good alternative. You can use it to block off the area birds would want to build their nests. You can easily install them by stapling or tying them overhead. Being unable to access spaces conducive to building their nests will force the birds to relocate elsewhere.

Methyl Anthranilate

Used mainly as a flavoring agent in beverages, chewing gum, and some medications, this derivative of grapes has a strong fruity grape smell that works well to repel birds. Oddly enough, although birds do not like it, it does have a pleasant aroma to humans and will likely make your carport smell nice. It is not harmful to the environment and can often be found at gardening stores.


Keeping the area around your carport clean can help remove food sources for birds. When looking for where to build their nests, they seek areas of shelter and easy access to food. If you eliminate potential nearby food sources, you can discourage them from trying to settle in.

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