Cleaning rugs and oriental rugs


Your area rugs need regular deep cleaning

When it comes to your carpets, rugs and rugs, the Asthma Society of Canada says that if they’re old, “there’s a good chance that permanent dirt and dust has settled in and ‘they don’t disappear when vacuuming’.
And all the more so when it comes to bacteria and mites, superficial cleaning is not enough!

Remedy all these problems without further delay, thanks to the know-how and professionalism of our experts who will eliminate all these unwanted parasites and microorganisms, applying a generous amount of antibacterial treatment, safe for human and animal health, improving the air quality in your home.

The efficiency and thoroughness of our cleaning service

When cleaning carpets, we take into consideration that each material requires different kinds of detergents, whose pH level can vary, and that some require hot water while others can only be cleaned. ‘dried up. Once in our workshop, all rugs are identified and labeled with the name of their owner.

They are then sorted according to their material, their characteristics, their specificities, and according to their delicacy, the density of their colors and whether they contain fringes or not, so that each variety of rugs can receive an appropriate and optimal wash. .

Our unbeatable method for disinfecting your area rugs

Any area rug will be completely swept on both sides. Most carpets are brushed with an industrial shampooer to remove as much dirt and stains as possible. Our high-performance equipment allows us to rinse the carpets with high water pressure, according to the required temperature, and then to properly extract soap residues and dirt in depth. Depending on the fabric and color of your rugs, we determine beforehand what is the best technique to use and the most suitable cleaning method, in order to guarantee you an impeccable result and impeccable cleanliness.

You can rest easy knowing your rugs are in safe hands with us…and that’s true since any rug with fringes is hand-cleaned, with a mild detergent for added precision, then receives a solution that will prevent its hardening and prevent its yellowing.

Before we finish, we commercially vacuum both sides and finally the area rugs are carefully wrapped in plastic bags, ready for delivery back to your home.

Removing stains and protecting your furniture

Our professional conscience is not only limited to cleaning your rugs and carpets to perfection, but also to protecting your furniture investment from various stains and liquid infiltration. Therefore, once the cleaning is done, please ask our technician to apply a thin layer of colorless and invisible protection to help you preserve them and give them a flawless appearance for a long time.

Your health is one of our priorities! This is why all our cleaning products are harmless, that is to say non-toxic, and several of them are even certified as 100% biodegradable, and therefore respectful of nature and the environment.

Real professionals for the maintenance of your rugs

The Canadian Carpet Institute certifies that “while regular vacuuming is essential, thorough cleaning is essential to remove stubborn or embedded stains. This process will help keep your carpets looking like new for longer. Professional cleaning can save you time and effort.” It also states that, “To keep your carpets looking their best, a deep cleaning should be done every 12 to 18 months.”

Whether it’s wool, silk or simply synthetic rugs, regular rug cleaning is very important. Your rugs need to be washed properly on a regular basis and we can do this for you, in our workshops, free of all delivery charges.

Two main methods are possible: by hot water jet or dry.

And unlike most companies, Imperial Cleaning specializes in the most delicate fabrics, such as carpets:

Our various methods of washing rugs loosen the dirt embedded in your oriental rugs while reviving the colors and restoring their rich and silky appearance. Ask our customer service about our washing and drying methods. Our repair department is able to perfectly repair any damage that has occurred to your valuable carpets and rugs.

Conscientious experts and satisfied customers

We offer each of our clients unparalleled service and the highest quality services. It is essential for us to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers and allow long-term collaboration. That’s why we always urge our customers to inspect carpet cleaning before leaving their homes, to ensure they are fully satisfied with the result.

Please see our “customer testimonials” page to see the extraordinary service you will receive when you make the wise decision to join.

So, whether it’s your rugs, your carpets or your rugs, in addition to all your upholstered furniture, mattresses and ducts, Imperial Cleaning offers you all its professionalism and its long experience of 25 years to realize the optimal cleaning of all your surfaces: residential, commercial or industrial.

We are at your disposal and listening to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

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