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What are laminates?

Laminate is a tough substance that is made by pressing plastic and paper resin under high pressure. It overcomes the bumpiness on the surface that is caused by slight ups and downs. Lamination provides smoothness to the surface and increases its life span by many years.

Four reasons why you should choose Century Laminates

1. Smoothens the surface

First of all, laminates fulfil the purpose of smoothing the surface on top to which it is applied.

Secondly, it adds a class to your furniture or to any item you are laminating. If you go for gloss laminates, the shine they provide is unmatched. It serves as a cheap and affordable alternative for the expensive products in the league.

decoratives laminates

If you want to add a simple and subtle look, then you should opt for matte laminates. It softens colour and reduces contrast. It works best at hiding imperfections and is the most common type of laminate for interior designs.

If you don’t want any of the two extremes, you can take the mid-way by going for satin laminates. They serve both purposes efficiently.

CenturyPly has been a pioneer in implementing workplace innovation. This fundamental principle has served as the foundation for all of our procedures and technology. It has led them to create and offer contemporary lifestyle statements that have come to be associated with modern living.

2. Protection against harsh environmental conditions

We live in a country where weather fluctuations are quite common. Thus, a laminate type that is resistant enough to high pressure and temperature conditions, humidity, moisture, and mechanical stresses become necessary. CenturyLaminates have worked exceptionally in this field by manufacturing different types of laminates that act as a barrier between the atmosphere and underlying wood. They are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions.

Laminate manufacturers are expert designers with extreme scientific knowledge, and they mould their skills to the best of their abilities. Their designs and patterns are exceptionally beautiful and can add life to any boring and dull space. Moreover, their affordable prices make them accessible to people from all classes.

Apart from this, laminates also provide protection against scratches, chemicals, graffiti and other contaminants. Another most beneficial property of laminates is that they are super easy to clean, making them the most optimal option for household items.

3. Low maintenance

Laminates do not require very expensive or time taking maintenance. It does not ask you to buy any special products for cleaning the surface. Its shine remains as it is even after years. All you have to do is wipe it off with a wet cloth and then instantly after that wipe it with a clean, dry cloth so that it gets no time to absorb moisture. Irrespective of the density of the stain, you can easily clean it with just a single wipe.

It saves a lot of money. There’s no need for extra investment into washing or cleaning products. Paints do not provide you with this option. Any painted surface gets dirty too quickly, even with light stains, but this is not the case with laminates. All these reasons make them interior designers’ favourite for home and office interiors.

Century Laminates’ decorative laminates come in a wide range of varieties and completely transform the space.

4. A single product, multiple applications

As mentioned earlier, laminates serve as a multi-purpose product. It serves all the functions from commercial to residential purposes. There will be a never-ending list if you start looking for the applications of laminate.

You can experiment a lot with laminates and end up discovering their endless range of applications. This is also the result of the varying degrees of colour, patterns, and designs in this product. The decor pieces that are made out of laminates are a great alternative for all the fancy and stylish items.

Characteristics like water resistance, anti-ageing, low maintenance, and weather resistance make the material ideal for almost all surface requirements.

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