Different Types Of Home Additions


Moving into a home and immediately finding out that it has a small space for your liking or feeling the need to relocate because you have outgrown the place could mean that you need to remodel your living space to suit your preferences. It Is important to note, however, that remodeling your house or apartment comes with some stipulations.Home Additions


Home additions are the most common type of home remodeling that most people go for. You should keep in mind that you do not want to overly do it. You could settle for an extra bedroom or a new living room based on your tastes and likes. You should also consider the value of your home compared to others in your neighborhood. This is because you will want to avoid a remodeling that could cost you more than what you are willing to spend. This could mean a low return on investment should you choose to list it after the renovations.

If you are considering adding an extra addition to your home, here are some designs to consider:


This design is suitable if you have children and have an issue with the number of rooms in your house. Inadequate rooms are a major problem facing many families. If you are in need of an extra bedroom you have a few choices for you to choose from if you want to add extra space to your home.

You should, however, keep in mind that room addition to your home will require you to have the needed licenses for the building project and also permission from a homeowners association if you are a member of one.


Adding a bathroom is another option you could consider when remodeling your home. Most people prefer that all the bedrooms should have their own bathroom. They also prefer the bathroom to have a vanity bathroom designated for guests to use. Adding a bathroom may seem like a small house addition but the reality is that it can be pretty costly to remodel it into your house. The costs of plumbing are especially expensive. The proximity to existing plumbing fixtures may affect the variations of your bathroom. The same goes for materials and other fixtures.


A sunroom is a bright open space typically located at the back or side of your home that is not controlled by your home’s HVAC system. They usually allow in bright, natural light and can offer you great sunset and sunrise views. Not being connected to your home’s HVAC system means that a sunroom could be one of the most affordable room additions to go with.

Garage Conversion

You can choose to go with the option of converting your garage as a room addition to your home. A big advantage of this option is that you will not spend more money trying to optimize a new room in your house. It might cause some tiff between you and your kids because of throwing their toys out or between you and your partner for throwing out their tools, but converting a garage into a new room can offer a clean blank slate.

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