Should You Get Your Tree Trimmed Or Cut Down


Whether your property has only two trees or it is a large farm with many trees, at one point, you may have to choose between cutting them down or trimming them. Your trees will not always be green and appealing. Sometimes they will grow out of control. Other times they can get affected by pests and diseases, and times, your trees may be dying. Considering how long trees take to grow, homeowners do not always want to cut them down. Even when a tree is dying, one may still hold on to hope that the tree will recover. So, if you have found yourself in this position, how do you know the right step to take? Read on to find out.

When Should You Trim?

Unless a tree is problematic, dying, or already dead, you should always go with trimming to address any issues. A good tree removal company will eliminate dying or dead branches, cut off limbs threatening the structure of your property and re-shape your tree. Trimming is best done in late autumn or early winter when the tree is dormant. There will be less sap flow, meaning the wounds will not bleed too much. In addition, you reduce the risk of insect infestation by trimming at this time.

pests and diseases

Trimming should always be part of tree care and maintenance because it helps improve the appeal of a tree and promotes healthy growth. When done correctly by a professional, it will help a tree grow stronger.

When Should You Cut

For some property owners, tree cutting might be the last thing they want to hear. But, certain circumstances can necessitate the need to cut down the trees. Here are some of the reasons.


There are times when your tree will not grow how you desire. It can take certain angles, which can be risky when the wind blows. At times, a tree is too close to your property, utility lines, or the neighbor’s property. If tree pruning cannot solve this problem, you will have to get in touch with the company that does tree removal Charlotte NC as that is the best option.


Trees can get affected by different types of diseases. When this happens, your tree will not be as strong as it used to be. There is also the risk of the disease spreading to other trees if left standing.


As much as trees are a thing of beauty in the backyard, they can also come with too much shade. Maybe the tree is blocking natural light from getting into the room, which is not something you want. In such instances, chopping down the tree may be the best option.

Not Thriving

If you plant several trees together, you might find that they are competing for resources like sun, water, and soil nutrients. Unfortunately, there will be a few losers in the situation. In such a case, if some trees are not thriving, cut them down to reduce the competition for resources.

Whether your trees need trimming or cutting down, it is better to let the professional handle the task. They will follow safety measures to ensure no one is injured or part of your property damaged.

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