Various types of pipe fittings



Different sorts of pipe fittings are accessible in plumbing frameworks for various purposes and works. A pipe fitting is utilized in the plumbing framework to join numerous pipes of the same size or various sizes, to control the stream, or to quantify the stream. They are comprised of various materials like copper, iron, metal, PPR, and so forth.

Elbows are utilized to steer the stream between two pipes. Elbows are for the most part that anyone could hope to find with a point of 22.5o, 45o, and 90o. On the off chance that pipes are of the same width, typical elbows are utilized in any case Reducer elbows are utilized. Elbows are made of various materials. These are by and large accompanying female strings and we can fix them by butt or attachment welding also. Types of Pipe Fittings – Elbow

Minimizer Pipe Fittings

A minimizer is a pipe fitting part that decreases the stream size from bigger to more modest by diminishing the size of the pipes. For the most part, there are two sorts of minimizers accessible. One is a concentric minimizer which is like a cone molded with continuous diminishing around the pipes however for this situation aggregation of air may conceivable and it brings about cavitation. Another one is a capricious minimizer which is having one edge pipe up with an interfacing pipe because of which air gathering isn’t possible.

Tee type Pipe Fitting

Tee type fitting is a part of the plumbing framework which is in a T-shape. It is having one gulf and two outlets, outlets are organized at 90o to the primary pipes association (bay). It can likewise be utilized to consolidate the stream from two deltas to one outlet. They are additionally accessible in various materials and various sizes. If the 3 sides of T-fitting are comparable in size, it is called an Equal tee in any case it is called an Unequal tee.

Cross type

Cross-type fittings contain 4 openings in 4 headings. These are associated when 4 pipes are meeting at a point. These fittings create more measure of weight on the pipe as the temperature changes, since they are situated at the focal point of four association focuses. Cross fittings are by and large utilized for fire sprinkler systems.

Cross-type Coupling

A coupling is utilized to interface the pipes of the same measurement. Coupling is likewise valuable assuming that the pipes are broken or spillage happens. For the most part, two kinds of couplings are accessible. Pressure coupling and slip coupling. Pressure coupling is a normal coupling that is associated between two pipes and it forestalls spillage by the plan of gaskets or elastic seals on the two sides, in any case, the stick is given. Slip coupling is simpler to introduce and it contains two pipes that are organized as one into another, the inward pipes can slide dependent on some length. In this way, we can fix long-length harmed pipes by slip coupling.

Coupling in Pipe Fittings Associations

Association is a kind of fitting, what capabilities as like coupling. However, coupling can’t be taken out after fixing yet for this situation we can eliminate the association at whatever point we wanted. Associations comprise nut, male, and female finished strings. Thus, this is additionally helpful for keeping up with the reason for the pipe.

Unions in Pipe Fittings Connectors

If the pipes are not having unique finishes or plain closures then connectors make them strung either male or female whichever is required. Adopters are by and large utilized for copper and PPR pipes. Male connectors contain male strings and female connectors contain female strings. One finish of connector is plain which is stuck or welded or fastened to the end of the plain pipe.

Adaptors Olet

Olets are utilized when there are standard sizes of fittings that are not reasonable for our necessity. In some cases the bay pipes size is bigger contrasted with outlet pipes in t-segments then additionally Olets are utilized.


The plug is a part of the plumbing part which is by and large used to close pipes opening during examinations and fixes. The plug by and large contains male threads.

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