Ways to Create Family Time in Your New Home


Moving into a new home creates the perfect opportunity to rethink your lifestyle and habits. It gives you space to think about what you’d change if you could and what you could do differently as you settle down in a new community in Parrish.

Spending time with your family can help you to feel closer and more connected. It can give you precious time and space away from the busy schedule of the day to relax and reflect on the positive things in life.

Here are some of the ways you can create more family time in your new home at North River Ranch.

1.  Start as You Mean to Go On

If you want to use this opportunity to create more family time, start as you mean to go on. When you’re moving with your family, make an effort to involve them in the whole process. Ask your children what they think about things, and give them individual tasks to complete themselves. Use the opportunity to build a stronger bond between the family by encouraging teamwork and collaboration when moving to the new home. Give each family member a to-do list or involve everyone in larger tasks that require joint efforts.

Family Time in Your New Home

2.  Be Intentional About Talking to Each Other

When you live together, it’s easier to take for granted the time you spend together when it’s not planned. While you might spend a lot of time within the same space, family members aren’t always intentional about having conversations with each other. Create a regular time when the family can get together and talk about anything and everything. In a new home community, you can find cozy spots like the Brightwood Pavilion firepit at North River Ranch to add some extra charm and magic to your family time.

3.  Work Out Together

Planning activities together rather than alone can easily create more family time. If family members normally work out separately, getting together for this regular activity can help you to feel closer and more connected throughout the week. You could plan to walk or run around your community together or cycle through Parrish in the evening. With advantages like the Bike Share program, exercising with your family in a new home community can be even easier. If you’d prefer to hit the gym but still enjoy spending time outdoors with your family, you can check out the Avid Fit Pods and Fit Stations instead.

4.  Play Games

Whether you’re relaxing with your family in the middle of the week or looking for something different to do at the weekend, playing games can be a great way for families to stay entertained together. When you move to your new home, think about the space you have and how you might be able to create a dedicated area for family games. This could be a corner of a room for board games or an entire room that makes you feel as though you’ve stepped into an arcade. If you’d rather go outside of your home, check out the games room at Brightwood Pavilion. You can get together with your family for a game of billiards, shuffleboard, ping-pong, and more.

Making More Family Time

Spending more time with your family could help you to feel happier, healthier, and more connected after your move into a new home at North River Ranch. Whatever you enjoy doing, there are always ways to make more family time. When living in a new home community, you’re also likely to meet other families in Parrish, FL, and begin to make new friends for life.

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