Moving is Not That Scary


Many people get goosebumps when they think about moving because of something they went through or simply the thought of putting their whole household in boxes and shifting it to another place. Some people have accumulated a lot of stuff, so the idea of ever moving scares them. However, moving does not have to be a nightmare. All you need is proper preparation at the old and new place, know the mistakes to avoid, and you are good to go. If you are scared about moving, worry no more. We have put together several things you can do when moving. Try them, and you will realize that moving can be smooth and less scary.

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Don’t Procrastinate

When you think about moving, it is easy to procrastinate, especially when you have a lot of time. Time flies, and within no time, you will realize the moving day is close, and you are not even halfway done. So, avoid postponing by starting everything early. You can begin to do it two months before moving day to ensure you have sufficient time to plan everything.

Make a List of the Things You Need to Do

Looking at the task at hand can intimidate you. However, you can make it look easy by creating a plan. Develop a checklist of vital things you must do. Your list can include things like:

  • Scheduling utilities at the old and new home
  • Updating your rental insurance
  • Hiring movers
  • Decluttering
  • Updating your address

Contact a Moving Company

Some people are afraid of stories about items getting lost during transit or how moving companies have scammed some people. Such things happen, but not to everyone. It would help if you did enough research to ensure you have chosen a reliable moving company like Lawrence Moving. Remember, not all companies that claim to be movers are reliable and competitive. You must closely scrutinize them to find the right one and ensure they have a license. If you had booked them early, double-check the reservation. Check-in two weeks before moving day and the night before.

Pack in Sections

Ensure you are not buried in the load of work by packing strategically. Start with one room and only move on to the next after you are done packing. You can start with the rooms you rarely use and remember not to mix up items from different rooms. It can also be a good idea to set a timeline for each room to ensure you finish packing on time.

Visit the New Place

It is also crucial to familiarize yourself with the new place first. So, before the day of moving, visit the new home. You can get to know the neighbors and the shopping center if you are not moving to a city. Ensure the place is clean and everything is intact. It will also be good to call the utility company to set up services like water, electricity, gas, cable, internet, etc.

Keep a Bag of Essential Items

Before you move, and immediately arrive at the new place, you will need to access basic things like a toothbrush, tissue paper, medicine, clothes, phone charger, etc. Make it easy to access these necessities by packing a bag of essential items. This way, you will not find the need to unpack immediately after you arrive at your new home.

Key Takeaways

These are simple things you can do to make moving less scary. Prepare early and have a plan. You also need to hire reliable and reputable movers, pack strategically and familiarize yourself with the new place.

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