Having a Garden Room: Everything You Need to Know


Adding a garden room to your property can have great benefits for not only the aesthetics and function of your home, but it’s worth on the property market. According to property experts at We Buy Any House, a garden room added to your property can add up to 5% value- and the added value would essentially be 1.5x of the cost of the building- depending on the cost of installation and quality of the build. A garden space is a cost-effective and unique way that can add appeal to your homes they allow you to add extra space to your home without the typical hassle and disruption of a usual home extension- while offering more privacy in your home.

What is a Garden Room?

Having a garden room is an extremely popular choice to have in the home. Not only do they add an element of luxury to the home, but they ensure that homeowners are making the most of their outdoor space. Typically, garden rooms are wooden structures that have tiled roofs and large glass windows for you to see out into the outdoors. They are usually larger than a summerhouse- and the beauty is that they can be used throughout the year at any season.

Do I Need Planning Permission for my Garden Room?

When it comes to building a garden room, you will have to obtain planning permission from your local council. It’s vital that you follow the standards for the design elements, as these have been created by your local council and government in order to protect the health, welfare and safety of everyone who is building the development and everyone who lives in or around the property.

What Can I Use My Garden Room For?

You can use a garden room for multiple things- but most importantly, it’s a space that can provide distractions from everyday life and provide an area to relax. Here are a few things to use them for:

For Leisure:

Having a designated area in your property just to enjoy leisurely activities is the pinnacle of reaching luxury in the home. Whether you use your garden room as a home cinema, man cave, games room or home gym, your garden room can become a recreational space in which you can enjoy some time out from the chaos of home life.

For Work:

Although having a home office seems like a good idea, it can still be a busy area, especially if your home has a lot of traffic or you have children. Therefore, having a garden room is a perfect space to use for work- and it doesn’t have to be just office work! It can work for beauticians, personal training or a photography studio.

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