In Australia, buying your own island is sometimes cheaper than a house in Sydney


Owning a beach rather than a balcony could be cheaper in Australia! This is revealed in an article by the German magazine Der Spiegel . Interviewed by the German magazine, Craig Beckey, tells how he ended up buying an island rather than a house and thus realizing the dream of many people. “I never intended to live on an island. But when I saw a TV ad for the island, I was curious.”

And for good reason, more than a year ago, he bought Worthington Island for just under 385,000 Australian dollars, or around 244,000 euros. This island of approximately 280,000 square meters is located on the coast of Queensland . But freedom and tranquility have a price, living on your own island requires a lot of work and organization.


“Not all islands have dreamy beaches and palm trees. Worthington Island is more like one big wild bushland.”
The 55-year-old commutes regularly between his island and the coastal town of Noosa. To reach his spouse who lives on the mainland, he must travel 45 minutes by boat and 5 hours by road. And to continue to settle on his island and build the house of his dreams, he is limited by his transport. ” Everything that’s supposed to go on the island has to fit in the boat, including construction materials. I want to keep improving everything, but it takes time.”

Rising real estate prices

An assumed lifestyle choice, especially since compared to real estate prices in major Australian cities, it’s a bargain. The average cost of a house in Sydney is 1.4 million Australian dollars, or 887,000 euros. According to CoreLogic, a company that publishes real estate market statistics, nationwide house prices rose about 20% in 2021.

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