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Do you dream of having the outdoor spaces of your home landscaped? Would you like to know the price of a professional for the creation of your ideal garden? The development of a garden includes different types of work: earthworks and leveling of the earth, various plantations (trees, grass, plants, etc.), laying of a hedge, a fence, construction of a shelter, construction of a terrace, etc. To refine your work project, find out the average prices for landscaping a garden.

The elements impacting the estimate of a garden landscaping

Many parameters influence the price of landscaping work. The essential criteria to be taken into account include:

The area of ​​land to be developed : The size of the garden determines the quantity of plants and soil necessary for the development.

The type of plants chosen : The choice of plants shapes the style of the garden but also its cost. The price of plants varies greatly depending on various factors (variety, season, rarity, etc.). In addition, the age and size of the trees influence their price. The taller and thicker the trees, the higher their price.

The addition of garden constructions : If you want to integrate a shelter, a pergola or another type of construction in your garden, the overall price of the development will logically increase.

The complexity of the project: The ease of access, the topography of the land, the technical specificities such as the slope of the land or the nature of the soil vary the total cost of the development.

The professionals selected : The price of the project also varies according to the skills and reputation of the landscapers chosen, as well as the scope of the missions that you entrust to them.

Prices of the different types of development

The lawn is a basic component of a garden. Throughout the year, you have a green space where you can play, eat, relax, etc. The cost of creating a lawn depends on various factors:

The nature and condition of the ground : The preparatory work is particularly important. Depending on the situation, this may involve plowing, leveling or weeding the soil. The cost of this soil preparation stage is estimated at between €2 and €5/m2 ( 2 ).

The surface to be grassed : For example, a long narrow strip of land will require more precision (therefore more budget) than a large expanse of garden.

The cost of creating a grass surface can therefore vary greatly depending on the solution chosen.

cost of building a garden path

A garden path is very useful for easy circulation. There are different types of driveways, but regardless of the surface you choose, you will need to plan for site preparation work. It is indeed necessary that the surface is flat and stabilized, to lay a geotextile film so that the grass does not grow back, to provide for the evacuation of rainwater… For the earthworks, count on average between 2 and 5 € and € 55 / m3 ( 3 ).

The single gravel driveway, for example, requires first leveling the surface, then laying down a geotextile and finally the gravels of your choice. Edging and outriggers are optional, but they help hold the gravels in place. You can choose rolled, crushed or decorative (colored) gravels. These materials can be bought by the ton or by the m³. In the end, the price of a gravel driveway varies between 50 and 70 €/m² on average (materials and installation).

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