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Do you want to arrange your garden to make it pleasant in all seasons? Landscaping always begins with good land preparation. Various elements are then installed and the lawns and beds are created. The professional landscaper draws up a plan that allows you to perfectly visualize the future achievement. Follow, thanks to the garden layout estimate provided by our partner craftsman, the different stages of the complete layout of a garden with paved driveway and grass. Also discover the prices for each operation!

Landscaping includes many tasks. It’s about creating different spaces by installing plants, decorative and lighting elements or even mineral compositions. Tracing a driveway, planting or maintaining a hedge can also be requested from the landscaper. Precise plans must be made to scale for a result that meets expectations.

The challenge when designing a garden , whatever its size, is as much aesthetic as practical. The exteriors must make everyday life easier, provide comfort while remaining pleasant to look at. The gardener and the landscape architect are the professionals to contact for advice or personalized quotes.

Example of a garden design quote: Budgets

The work deciphered in the garden layout estimate concerns a complete garden layout with the creation of a paved path, the shaping and leveling of the earth , the installation of a buffer, the size of the hedge and the laying of lawn rolls. Preparation of the site and cleaning after work are also provided by our partner craftsman.
The average fixed price associated with a landscaping of 500 m² oscillates between 400 € and 500 €. The cost of creating turnkey developments in a 300 m² green space ranges from €2,500 to €6,000, with an average price of €4,250.

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