Landscaping tariff: what is the price of the services in 2022?


Whether it’s the exterior landscaping of the garden around a new house, the creation of a new green space, a lawn renovation or general garden maintenance, the landscaper is the professional capable of taking care of all these development works.

The price of a landscaper per m2 or his hourly rate depends on the project and the level of finish desired. Compare
This 2022 price list is given for information only, including VAT. The tax reduction for garden creation and landscaping work is not accessible. On the other hand, once the garden is finished, most maintenance work is tax deductible.

Compare landscapers to design a garden

The landscaper price varies according to your expectations and the company in charge of your project. In order to better understand the landscaping price (for a creation, design or exterior layout), it is important to understand the criteria that determine the cost of the layout and the price of a garden design and creation:

The reputation and experience of the landscaper in the region is one of the major price criteria. The skill level of the workers and the team are elements to be taken into account in the budget estimate.
The complexity of the development project : the nature of the service (creation, redevelopment, etc.), the level of finish of the work to be carried out (parking lot, spa, construction of a wooden terrace, etc.), the variety and quality plants and materials used are all criteria that have a direct impact on the final price (landscape companies take a margin of 10 to 20% on average on supplies).
The location of the intervention : the size of your garden is obviously linked to the total cost, but the difficulty of access to your green space (more distance to travel, access only on foot, etc.) can cause the total cost of the work to explode.

Keep in mind that a landscaper with a full order book will always offer very high prices. It’s up to you to inquire with the company and assess whether you want to work with the company at all costs or whether you can postpone the date of your work.

Hourly or flat rate landscaper?

The price of a landscaper is either fixed on an hourly rate, or on a flat rate:

The hourly rate corresponding to an estimated provisional duration with an hourly cost. The price to receive tailor-made plans how also from a few hundred euros up to several thousand.
The flat rate depends on the area of ​​the work and the complexity of the project. This type of pricing is recommended to avoid significant overruns of working hours that may occur. Each garden and each service being unique and different, the company must go to the work site to be able to produce a reliable estimate.
landscape designer
What method of invoicing should be preferred? Most of the time, entrepreneurs work on a flat-rate model including all expenses: labor, travel time, supplies (plants, lighting or watering system, etc.). It is therefore recommended to work on a flat rate, on estimate, to be able to fully control your budget and avoid bad experiences.

Landscaping quote: estimate a layout

Without going to the job site, it is not possible to make consistent price estimates for landscaping work. The visit of the project manager is essential to be able to make an evaluation and a precise estimate.

To find the company capable of fitting out your exterior at a lower cost while knowing how to provide expert advice, it is strongly recommended to request a landscaping quote from companies close to your city.

It’s free and it allows you to quickly find landscapers around your city while easily comparing prices.

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