Roof Repair Issues to Never Ignore


Home owners have a list of maintenance they should perform each year to keep their homes in the best shape. Everything from the furnace and air units to roof maintenance is on this list. Here we have some common issues you should never ignore when it comes to roof repair.

Roof Repair

One common issue you never want to ignore when it comes to roof repair is clogged gutters, downspouts, or drains. Any of these issues will put excess weight on your roof, which will surely make it leak over time. Not to mention mold and algae can also grow in these conditions. This will also allow your roof to decay rather quickly. Downspouts that are not properly maintained can cause damage to your walls and foundation. Gutters that are allowed to get too full will let water seep into the foundation. By removing debris and trimming your vegetation, you can be certain these will stay clear.

A second thing you should be sure you are doing during your regular maintenance is trimming any trees and vegetation that may cause issues. If leaves fall on the roof, clean them off on a regular basis. A roof repair will be inevitable if you allow these leaves to clog up the drain. If you are not able to do roof cleanup on your own, there are various companies that provide this service. It is crucial for you to do this after storms to be certain all debris is removed.

Pitch pockets are one area on your roof repair list to look at each time. These are utilized to seal the roof’s penetrations. Things to look for include sealing, drying out, any structural movement in your home, and improper installation of the pitch pockets. If this maintenance is not done regularly, you take the chance of having leaks and damage that you may not know about or even be able to see.

Deep cracks in your roof can begin to form. This is known as alliga to ring, as it looks like the back of this animal. As your roof is penetrated daily with Florida’s hot UV rays, it is no wonder this occurs. To remedy this, apply a UV protectant or a reflective roof coating. This will keep the damage at bay while giving you a longer life on your roof. By doing regular inspections, you can be sure to find any alliga to ring that may take place. If you are able to catch this issue early enough, your roof repair will just be in sections and not the entire roof.

Shrinkage may also occur if your roof is an EPDM or modified bitumen. This will generally occur when there was a poor installation, with age, or from UV exposure. Cracks will form in the upper layer. These cracks will permit moisture to seep in, rotting any wood. Leaks and mold may also occur. The only way to complete this roof repair is to have an entirely new roof installed.

If you are in need of roof repair, contact Done Rite Roofing Inc in Holiday, FL. This professional and trustworthy family-owned and operated company has been in operation for 25 years and is bonded and insured, so you know you are getting the best service with peace of mind. Any metal that has become corroded then must be replaced.

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