Three Things You Need to Know About Roof Flashing



We want to discuss how your roof protects your home against water damage and why flashing is so important in keeping out moisture.

This post will discuss roof flashing and its importance.

What is roof flashing?

Roof Flashing

Roof flashing can be described as a small decorative piece of metal, plastic, or other material that covers roof penetrations. It prevents water from getting to the roof. Roof flashing can come in many materials including aluminum and copper, or even brass sheets.. Because it protects your home against water damage from rain, flashing is an essential part of the roofing.

Why is roof flashing so important?

Flashing is a type o roofing material that is used to weatherproof corners of a home. It prevents moisture and water from getting inside your home.

Flashing helps prevent water damage by:

  • Protecting your roof from UV damage. The sun’s UV rays can crack shingles, allowing water to seep into attics and crawlspaces. Flashing prevents this from happening by covering seams between tiles or shingles with metal flashing. This will protect them from premature cracking.
  • You can prevent water from leaking into your home. If you want your home to last for many years, you need to prevent moisture from building up.

What are the most common types of roof flashings?

There are several types of flashing:

  • Beaded steel.

This type of flashing is easy to install over pipes and studs because it has a round shape. You can get it in many colors, including aluminum, bronze-plated, chrome, and galvanized steel with white finishes for new construction projects.

  • Bent metal.

Bent metal, also known as a bent sheet, is another common type of flashing. You can choose from different thicknesses. It can also be performed to make custom shapes around pipes and penetrations in your roofing material. You will need it customized by an expert who is familiar with the process. This product must be able to fit over any penetration holes without leaving gaps. If water leaks through these edges, it can cause mold growth and damage other parts of your home like electrical wiring insulation.

Roof flashing protects your roofing.

Roof flashing serves the most important purpose of protecting your home. By keeping water out of your home and stopping it from entering through the roof, you can protect it. Water can damage your home and cause rot, mildew, and mold growth if it gets in through the roof.


Roof flashing is an essential part of your roof’s overall structure. It should be checked regularly and repaired if necessary. You should have your roof inspected by an expert like Old Time Roofing if you are unsure. Get in touch

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